• Have you taken the appropriate steps to eliminate regulatory concern?

  • Are you gathering and managing compliance related data?

  • Are you embracing the technology that is now available to you?

  • Do you have a plan for crisis avoidance and crisis management?

  • Have you planned your future to maintain compliance in an ever changing regulatory environment?

Next-generation analytics & compliance systems

The emerging industry leader in shareholder analytics, shareholder compliance and related consulting services for public companies.

Shareholder Analytics

Delivery of a platform for a complete pathology of shareholder evaluation: Public Issuer Stock Analytics™

Corporate Compliance

Consolidated meta-data shared across senior management for compliance necessary and corporate governance.

Consulting Services

High-touch advisory consulting for planning, corporate governance, BOD governance, and compliance certification.

Introducing PISA™

Public Issuer Stock Analytics. The solution to a problem you didn’t know you had. Our unique, proprietary tool is used to acquire data and create reports that evaluate shareholder movements in a public issuer’s shares, issuances and offerings.

Proprietary Algorithms

In-depth interface for tracking shareholder and market trends using proprietary algorithms.

Track Shareholder Trends

Track market movements in categorized ownership groups.

Proprietary Data Feeds

Comprehensive feeds across a broad spectrum of data points from proprietary company data to market activity.

Individual Shareholder Reporting

Monitor individual shareholder activity.

CEO Dashboard

Dynamic Senior Management and Board of Directors interface evaluating key compliance indicators.

Planning Tools

Put the data to use with helpful planning tools and develop a strategy for future company growth.

INTREorg Corporate Tracker

Consolidated meta-data management tool comprising over 100 critical data points necessary for the compliance and corporate governance of any public issuer.

Dynamic Reporting

Comprising over 100 critical data points necessary for the compliance and corporate governance of any public issuer.

Direct-Data Access

Give your board members and C-level executives direct reporting including capital structure, issuer affiliates, assets & revenues and much more.

Directly Reportable

Public company data directly reportable to compliance entities both internal and external (FINRA, SEC)

"What INTREorg has, simply put, is the cure for corporate cancer.”
Richard Nummi, Esq.
Nummi & Associates, P.A. (NAPA) – Managing Partner and Chief Legal Officer

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